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e-Aushadhi, for automating the workflow of various process of procurement, management and distribution of various drugs, sutures and surgical required by different warehouses across State. The main aim of e-Aushadhi is to improve the drug warehouse management system and facilitate to provide cost effective essentials drugs to common people by keeping an eye on the flow of drugs, vaccines, other heath sector goods, information from suppliers to warehouse to health facilities to patients without any delay.

Alert Management

A utility purposed to broadcast information, managing event based and job based alerts and governing the pending tasks as soon as user login into system.

Digital Signature

Eliminating the possibility of human error, assuring security and improving the legal weight by signing documents digitally.

Data Analysis

e-Aushadhi is not only about tracking the present actions or going on; rather rational analysis of past and present data to approach a better future predictions.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic reports with its irresolute formats proved to be beneficial handling dynamic data.

Drug Section

Carry out procurement of drugs, surgical & Reagents.


Plans the efficient flow and storage of drugs


Statistical Maintenance of Data.


Storage and Distribution of drugs to State.

QA Section

To ensure the quality of drugs.

Reports Section

To generate reports based on user requirements

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About eAushadhi

e-Aushadhi@Uttarakhand is a web based supply chain management application software solution for managing Annual Demand, Purchase, Inventory & Distribution of various drugs, sutures and surgical items to various District Drug Warehouses (DWH) of State, District Hospitals (DH) their sub stores like Community Health Centre (CHC) and Primary Health Centre (PHC) to distribute drugs to patient, the final consumer of the supply chain.